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        A digital subscription to The Japan Times gives you the big picture on what's really happening in Japan. Stay connected, on the device of your choice, to your community and the world.

        Our Digital Full Plan now includes the ePaper Edition.






        First month free

        • Read up to 80 stories per month
        • Newsletter service





        First month free

        • Unlimited access to the JT website
        • Newsletter service
        • Access to the ePaper Edition NEW

        The rates above include tax

        • * To sign up for a new membership, click here.
        • * Current subscribers to The Japan Times / The New York Times can enjoy free digital access. Learn how you can apply.
        • * Current users who receive email updates, click here.
        • * We have corporate plans and will work to meet your requirements. Please email us at: jtsales@japantimes.co.jp


        [Important] To those who live in Hokkaido, Yamaguchi, Kyushu and Okinawa prefectures


        鸡尾酒礼服DAILY鸡尾酒礼服 NEWSPAPER


        Bringing you both The Japan Times and internationally renowned The New York Times.

        Subscribers can access the following digital plans for free:

        • The Japan Times DIGITAL FULL Plan + ePaper EditionNEW
        • NYTimes.com All Access Plus Plan

        鸡尾酒礼服SUNDAY鸡尾酒礼服 NEWSPAPER


        Japan’s only English-language tabloid Sunday newspaper features everything you need to know about the world around you in a compact format.

        • In-depth features covering important issues that are critical to your understanding of Japan
        • Wide-ranging analysis on key political, economic, social and cultural issues of the week

        FREE TRIAL

        A seven-day trial subscription is available for FREE.

        • The Japan Times / The Japan Times On Sunday
        • The New York Times International Edition

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        We know Japan

        The Japan Times has been delivering the news of the nation for more than 120 years

        Read a trusted authority on the nation’s past, present and future. Our history is more than 120 years, and it is generations of reader support that fuels our reputation as a go-to source of information.
        Read the news source widely respected for its authoritative coverage of Japan, making it the English-language newspaper with the largest circulation in the country.
        Hear an independent voice, made up of experienced reporters, editors and contributors, providing both the local angle and a global perspective.
        Join a community of readers who want to not only follow the news of the day, but also better understand their neighbors and the world around them.


        Now we come to you,
        wherever you are

        Get the same high-quality made for print ? and more ? on the digital device of your choice

        Up to date
        As a member, you can receive the top stories of the day in your inbox. Get your daily dose of Japan news without searching.
        On the go
        Whether you want to browse news on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, we’ve got your covered. The Japan Times Website renders to virtually any screen size.
        In case of disaster
        Swift, accurate coverage and vital information.
        Our live blog provides the latest news and updates on damage and transportation delays in times of emergency.
        As you choose
        In addition to browsing our website, you can also read our ePaper, a digitally enhanced replica of The Japan Times that includes features such as audio transcriptions and bookmarks.



        What are The Japan Times Membership Services?

        Signing up for a free membership makes you eligible for a range of online services. Non-subscribers can read up to 10 stories per month for free, while paid subscribers can access further content depending on their plan specifications. There is also an option to receive daily email updates. Members of the service are entitled to the following:

        ?Read stories on The Japan Times website (free access up to 10 stories / month)

        ?Receive free email updates

        To register, click here.

        I don’t subscribe to the newspaper. Can I read your stories online?

        A free membership is required to access 10 stories. Those who are not registered can only read up to five stories per month.

        Access to stories from certain news wires expires over time. For the details of wire service contracts, see here.

        Do page allotments apply to all of the JT website pages? Does the front page count as a page view? How about search results?
        No, the front page, category index pages (e.g. Top News page) and search result pages are not part of your story allotment.
        Subscription benefits: Free digital access

        I’m a JT/NYT subscriber. How can I use my subscriber benefits to utilize the free full access to The Japan Times website and NYTimes.com?

        Follow these simple steps to start enjoying free digital access on any device.

        ■ I’m already a registered member (apply for subscription benefits on The Japan Times website)

        1. Access the Print Subscribers page

        2. Click “Apply subscription benefit (The Japan Times website)"

        3. Fill out the form and click SIGN UP button

        4. Click the LOGIN button in the upper right corner of the main page of The Japan Times website and enjoy

        ■ I’m already a registered member (apply for subscription benefits on NYTimes.com)

        1. Access the Print Subscribers page

        2. Click “Apply subscription benefit (NYTimes.com)"

        3. Fill out the form and send

        4. After applying, you will receive an email with detailed information. Please check it.

        *Please note it may take up to five days for registration to be proceeded.

        ■ I'm not a registered member yet

        1. Fill out the form and send

        2. After applying, you will receive an email with detailed information. Please check it.

        *Please note it may take up to five days for registration to be proceeded.

        If you need further assistance, please contact us via inquiry form.

        Is there an app for The Japan Times?

        There is a free app available.

        鸡尾酒礼服iOS (Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad)鸡尾酒礼服

        鸡尾酒礼服Android OS (other than Apple devices)鸡尾酒礼服

        *May not work on certain device versions.
        *Unable to use on other OS such as Windows OS, Blackberry OS.

        The app is free, but the number of stories available differs by subscription plan.

        ■ Those subscribing to the print edition of The Japan Times / The New York Times can enjoy for free and unlimited access to the digital content of both publications.
        *If you haven't registered for The Japan Times Membership Service (free), please proceed here.
        *If you have registered, please log in and enjoy.

        ■ Digital Full plan subscribers can enjoy free, unlimited stories.

        ■ Digital Lite subscribers can read 80 stories per month.

        ■ Registrants of The Japan Times Membership Service can read 10 stories per month.
        Non-registrants can read five stories per month.

        *To register, click here.

        鸡尾酒礼服Please make sure to log in!鸡尾酒礼服
        Subscribers or those registered for The Japan Times Membership Service, please make sure to log in. If you don't log in, availability will be limited to five stories per month.
        *If you haven't used the service for a while, powered off or restarted your device, you may need to log in again.